Charitable Donations Policy

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Charitable Donations Policy

Charitable Donations Policy

Just Peachy is committed to bringing the happy and a big way we do that is by offering our services free of charge or at discounted rates to nonprofit organizations who are making a positive impact in the community and supporting causes that align with our company’s and team’s values.

We get countless requests for charitable donations from so many worthy causes, and unfortunately, we simply cannot do them all. It’s hard to turn away great organizations and we occasionally get asked why we declined. We’re hopeful this Charitable Donations Policy helps to shed light on how and why we accept and turn down some of these opportunities.


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for charitable donations made by Just Peachy to ensure that our contributions are aligned with our mission and values.


We will only consider charitable donation requests from nonprofit organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donation Criteria

We will consider the following criteria when evaluating donation requests:

  • Mission and Values: Like any organization, both our company and our team has values that motivate us and that we want to see lived out in our community. We view donating to an organization as an endorsement of their mission and values, so it’s important to only donate to organizations we can get behind.
  • Impact: Both big and small organizations make important contributions to their communities. We don’t look at the size or budget of the organization, but rather, their impact. We want our donation to be fuel to that impact.
  • Organization Responsibility and Transparency: We want to give to organizations who have shown that they use donations responsibly and for the express purpose of funding and executing their mission.
  • Employees Causes: We will prioritize organizations and causes that our team members are personally involved in.

Company Values

Like any organization, both our company and our team is motivated by values that inform how we conduct business as well as how we choose which organizations and causes we do or do not provide charitable donations to.

The following list gives an idea of some of values that drive our company:

  • Inclusion: We want to be part of a community where people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, religious persuasions, ages, physical and mental abilities, and socio-economic statuses are valued and work alongside each other to make our community and world a better place to live for everyone.
  • People First: Great businesses and organizations put people first. Whether it’s employees, customers, or community members, relationships and the well-being of people should trump the single-minded pursuit of profits.
  • Happiness: Our tagline, “We bring the happy” is more than just a catchy tagline. Our business is rooted in the belief that spreading happiness and joy leads to better business outcomes.
  • Local First: We love Little Rock and Arkansas and we believe that businesses and organizations shouldn’t exist just to make profit, but to be a partner in making local communities better places to live.

Political & Religious Causes

We may choose to give to political and/or religious organizations and causes, but these are held under greater scrutiny. Since we view our donations as endorsements, company leadership feels an especially heavy burden to make sure it aligns with the mission and values of both our company and our team members. We err on the side of turning down these requests, but they are evaluated on a case-by-base basis.

Donation Process

All charitable donation requests should be submitted via our charitable donation request form. Requests will be reviewed by company leadership who are solely responsible for deciding whether to approve or turn down the request. We typically try to respond to these types of inquiries within one week, though that response time can lengthen based on availability.

Upon completion of the donated services, the recipient organization should provide a receipt to Just Peachy for the value of the donation. Just Peachy will solely determine the value of the donation.

Donation Limits

To ensure that our charitable donations are sustainable and do not negatively impact our business operations, we will limit quarterly donation totals to not exceed $750 in cash value. This amount may be divided among multiple organizations or donated in a lump sum to a single organization. We are not obligated to disclose to those seeking requests how much, if any, of that limit has been used.


We may publicize our charitable donations on our website, social media channels, and other public channels. We reserve the right to decline publicity if it conflicts with the wishes of the recipient organization.

We reserve the right to instruct the recipient organization to refrain from publicizing or disclosing our donation. In the event that this request is ignored or declined, we reserve the right to request cash compensation in return for the value of the donation (to be determined solely by Just Peachy).


We will evaluate our Charitable Donations Policy on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to align with our mission and values.

By implementing this policy, we aim to make a positive impact in our community while maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency.