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Yep, you can do it yourself.

We’ve got an easy, DIY way to make your party pop.

What if we had an alternative to the tired old balloon arch that you can load right in your car and take with you? Good news! Our grab & go garlands are just that. Whether it’s a 6-foot garland for your baby shower, a 12-foot garland for your kid’s birthday party, or multiple garlands for your school event, we’ve got you covered. Wanna get creative? Try our popular custom color garland. Wanna just click and buy? We’ve got many pre-made garlands to fit all kinds of themes. We’re the go-to company in Little Rock and Arkansas if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, creative, over-the-top balloons for your wedding, birthday party, graduation, school event, company event, or anything you can dream of!

It's as easy as grab & go

Grab & Go Garlands can be ordered right in our online store. Our custom color garlands let you become the artist. If you’re looking for something we’ve crafted, you can just click and buy! Dreaming of something new? Just fill out our form to inquire about a completely custom garland and our team will reach out with a quote.

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I have gatherings in my home pretty regularly and in the rush to plan all the details, I always forget about decorations until the last second. Just Peachy’s grab & go garlands are always so easy to pick up and they instantly transform my space.

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How the process works

We try to make things as easy and barrier-free as possible. This outlines how we make sure that you get the garland that you’ve been dreaming of.

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    Order your garland.

    Head over to the store and order your garland of choice.

    Order your garland
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    Initial follow-up (if needed).

    Typically we have what we need from your order, but occasionally, we might follow up with you for special requests, clarifications, or fun ideas.

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    We build your garland.

    Please allow 2 business days for us to create your garland. Every now and then, we turn it around more quickly, but this is the general rule.

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    Get happy!

    Swing by our studio and pick up your garland. Hang it up and get happy!

🍾Congrats to @skinfixmedspalr on the grand opening of their new location this week! This space is incredible! Thanks for letting us have so much fun with this one and be a part of your celebration!

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🐾Happy 5th Birthday to our friends @houndsloungenlr! We enjoyed dressing up your space!

🐾Text QUOTE to 501-382-8334 to get your party started!

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🌸This Sweet 16th birthday was such a dream yesterday! Thanks to our team @sarabethjones, @olanreeves and @lexidgood. They made this piece amazing!

🌸All backdrop walls and pillars are part of our rental inventory. And add custom floral by our team member @lexidgood! Start customizing your event today. Text QUOTE to 501-382-8334.

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🌧️💗Because we just can’t get enough! @loblollycreamery

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

  • Can we pick up garlands on holidays?

    Depending on the holiday, we can sometimes be available. Some holidays, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving, that are always unavailable for pickup. For other holidays, we typically charge an additional fee if it’s unavoidable to pick up on a holiday. Depending on the circumstances, fees range from $25 – $75.

  • Will my garland last until Saturday or Sunday if I pick it up on Friday?

    Yes! Since we are out installing on Saturdays and Sundays, all of our pickups are scheduled on Fridays. Our garlands come completely bagged so they will stay perfectly fresh for your event later in the weekend.

  • Will you hang my garland for me?

    Our grab and go items are great cost-effective options; you can get the look for less! However, those prices do not include the labor and travel expenses of an installation so unfortunately, we cannot offer that service for grab and go items.

  • How far ahead do I have to book?

    Generally speaking, we ask for a minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice. We know that it isn’t always possible, but that lead time helps us to make sure we can be most successful for you.

  • How long will my balloon installation last?

    If your installation is inside, it can last for weeks or even months! If your installation is outside, especially in hot summer weather or direct sun, it will generally last for several hours. We schedule outdoor installations close to the start time of your event.

  • Can you install balloons in extreme heat or cold?

    Extreme heat is the biggest challenge. We can do very little (often nothing) to prevent popping in temperatures above 90 degrees or so, especially in direct sun. We highly recommend trying to have your event indoors or at least in a covered area in extreme temperatures.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    You can get a sense of a lot of our pricing by perusing our online store, but for custom installations, it’s truly that: custom. We work with you to come up with a plan specific to your needs and from there, we provide an estimate. If you have a set budget, we’re more than happy to come up with a plan that fits your budget.

  • What kind of balloons do you use?

    Most balloons available from retailers in bags or kits are very poor quality. We are able to purchase the highest quality balloons directly from manufacturers. Because of this, the balloons we use are thicker, more durable, and come in a wider range of colors than you can find in most stores.

  • How do I place an order?

    There’s three ways to place an order: 1.) order online on our online store, 2.) fill out our inquiry form and describe what you have in mind, or 3.) text the word QUOTE to (501) 382-8334 to get started.

  • Balloons are cheap. Why do you charge so much?

    You’re right: you can buy a bag of balloons for a matter of dollars. If we were selling balloons, we’d go out of business! What we sell is our creative services. We sell a team of makers and designers and artists who come alongside you to help you achieve your event dreams and create something beautiful and truly unforgettable. We aren’t the cheapest. Frankly, we don’t try. We’re far more concerned with creating something custom and artistic and brings you joy.

  • Is a 50% deposit always required?

    Almost always, yes. If you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents a deposit, let us know and we’ll see if we can come up with an alternative.

  • How long will my balloon installation last?

    If your installation is inside, it can last for weeks or even months! If your installation is outside, especially in hot summer weather or direct sun, it will last for several hours. We schedule outdoor installations close to the start time of your event.