Why Balloon Arch Kits Usually Don’t Give You the Result You’re Hoping For

Why Balloon Arch Kits Usually Don’t Give You the Result You’re Hoping For

Balloon arch kits (often which produce what we call a balloon garland) have become increasingly popular over the past couple years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a cheap (usually priced between $30 and $60) and seemingly convenient alternative to professional balloon arches and garlands like we create.

However, there’s a pretty good chance these kits aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be. We’ve gotten countless calls and emails and orders from frustrated people who bought these kits thinking it would be cheap and easy, but it ended up being neither! In this post, we’ll tell you why that might be your experience and suggest an easy alternative.

1. Balloon arch kits almost always contain poor quality materials.

The balloons included in these kits are typically low-quality and very easily pop or deflate, which is the #1 thing we hear from frustrated customers. Also, the included supplies like archline or string or tape is often not sturdy enough to support or connect the balloons, causing the arch to collapse or sag. These kits are like anything else: there’s no way quality products can be included and priced that cheaply. You get what you pay for!

2. They take WAY longer to put together than you think.

You know how IKEA furniture looks so easy to put together, only to find yourself pulling your hair out an hour after you started trying to assemble that simple little desk? Assembling these balloon arch kits can feel the same way, especially if you happen to get one of the poorest quality kits. The instructions included in these kits are often not particularly clear or easy to follow, leading to frustration. The biggest reason, though, goes back to the cheap materials. When balloons pop and string breaks, it takes so long and wastes so much time.

3. You have little or no ability to customize how it looks.

When you purchase a cheap balloon arch kit, you’re limited to the standard colors and sizes of balloons included in the kit. If you’re looking for a specific color scheme or want to include custom designs or unique customization, these kits are typically not a great option. Often what happens is people end up purchasing additional balloons and materials to achieve the look they want, which takes your cheap option into a not-so-cheap option.

We’ve got some good news!

We have an alternative that solves all these problems: our custom color garlands. We use the absolute highest quality materials for our garlands. And whereas we can’t guarantee that a balloon won’t pop, it won’t be because of the fragile quality of the materials.

Instead of wasting your time with frustration while you’re preparing for your event or party, we build it for you! You might pay as much as $60 for the kit and who knows how much more on additional materials, but you can walk away with one of our garlands for just $30 more. We’re relatively confident that your time and saved frustration is worth at least that much.

Finally, the great thing about our custom garlands is they’re exactly that: custom! You’re the designer, choosing your colors, size, and optional add-ons. We have dozens of colors, a variety of balloon sizes, and countless fun add-ons like foil balloons, so you can make it your one-of-a-kind creation.

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