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More than just balloons.

Start to finish, we can plan your entire event.

You might know us for our amazing balloon installations. Or maybe you’ve seen our beautiful rentals like our streamer walls or our always-popular peacock chair. But maybe you don’t know that we do event planning where we take everything we’re great at and create a one-stop shop for you so that you can sit back and relax while we organize the happy for you!

So if you’re looking to host an unforgettable event, we can do it for you! Whether you’re hosting an event for your business your weddingbirthday party, graduationschool eventor shower, our team works closely with you to understand what a successful event looks like for you, and then do what it takes to make it happen. So if you’re looking for someone to bring the happy and want to skip the stress, let us know how we can get a plan started for you!

Lets make it custom

We design events for YOU! Nothing we do is generic or from a pre-defined recipe. We work with you to understand exactly what you have in mind and, most importantly, learn how you define success so that we can make sure we achieve just that. Here you see just a few example of successful events we’ve planned for our clients.

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Custom Case Studies

I already booked Just Peachy to do the decor for a wedding shower I was putting on, but I was so overwhelmed by the rest of it. I found out they did event planning, handed it over to them, and it was an instant stress relief.

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How the process works.

We try to make things as easy and barrier-free as possible. This outlines how we make sure that you get the event you’ve been dreaming of.

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    Place your request.

  • 02

    Initial follow-up.

    Typically within 1 business day, someone from our team will follow up with you. This is where we review your request and fill in any blanks there might be. This step is critical to make sure we get all the info we need to make sure our team can begin to put together some pre-consultation ideas.

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    Make a deposit.

    To ensure your date is held for you and prior to our event planning consultation, we require a 50% deposit.

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    In most cases, our Creative Director will reach out to you about setting up a consultation so that we can talk through what have in mind and to better understand how you define success for your event.

  • 05

    Planning time.

    Once we have all the info we need, our Creative Director comes up with a plan that’s presented to you.

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    Let’s party!

    Once your event plan is approved by you, it’s time to have the event! Our fun, easy-going team shows up at your location and brings the happy. And that’s when you and your guests unleash the oohs and ahhs!

🍾Congrats to @skinfixmedspalr on the grand opening of their new location this week! This space is incredible! Thanks for letting us have so much fun with this one and be a part of your celebration!

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🐾Happy 5th Birthday to our friends @houndsloungenlr! We enjoyed dressing up your space!

🐾Text QUOTE to 501-382-8334 to get your party started!

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🌸This Sweet 16th birthday was such a dream yesterday! Thanks to our team @sarabethjones, @olanreeves and @lexidgood. They made this piece amazing!

🌸All backdrop walls and pillars are part of our rental inventory. And add custom floral by our team member @lexidgood! Start customizing your event today. Text QUOTE to 501-382-8334.

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🌧️💗Because we just can’t get enough! @loblollycreamery

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

  • Can we book a venue through you?

    If we are hired to plan your event, we often book the venue. We also have great relationships with many venues, so we can be helpful as you’re navigating venue booking. Otherwise, we generally don’t handle venue-booking for clients.

  • Do you have preferred venues?

    We have venues we absolutely love to work with and in, but no, we don’t have preferred venues or venues that we won’t work with.

  • I accidentally broke what I rented. What happens?

    As a general rule, we operate on the you-break-it-you-buy-it principle. If we can repair something, we’ll certainly give it a shot, but outside of that, we’ll charge you the cost of replacement.

  • When I’m done with my rental, how do I get it back to you?

    It depends on what exactly you’ve rented. For large and delicate items such as our sequin walls, someone from our team will pick it up. For smaller items like chairs, we may ask you to return them to our studio. We’ll let you know when you order!

  • Do you charge additional fees for installations on holidays?

    Yes, we do charge an additional fee on holidays. The fee depends on a number of factors, but you can generally expect somewhere in the range of $100 – $150.

  • Can we pick up garlands on holidays?

    Depending on the holiday, we can sometimes be available. Some holidays, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving, that are always unavailable for pickup. For other holidays, we typically charge an additional fee if it’s unavoidable to pick up on a holiday. Depending on the circumstances, fees range from $25 – $75.

  • Do you do installations on holidays?

    We generally try to avoid it, but depending on the holiday, we can sometimes be available. Some holidays, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving, are always unavailable for installations. For other holidays, we charge an additional fee if it’s unavoidable to do your installation on that day.

  • If I take down the installation myself, do I get a discounted rate?

    Our prices are calculated to include teardown for rental items, and we don’t include that for other installation types. Which means, essentially, that the rate has already been discounted to not include teardown.

  • When my event is over, do you come take it down?

    It depends on your installation, and you will know if that is included at the time of booking. For balloons-only installations, tear down is not included, but you can purchase that for an additional fee. If your install includes a rental item, we will come back and collect that and dispose of any balloons that are still attached to it.

  • How far ahead do I have to book?

    Generally speaking, we ask for a minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice. We know that it isn’t always possible, but that lead time helps us to make sure we can be most successful for you.

  • Do you only use balloons or are there other things you can do?

    We’re glad you asked! We’re known for our balloons, but we don’t see ourselves as a balloon company. In fact, we regularly work with floral, fabric, streamers, disco balls, foam, giant inflatables, vintage pieces – whatever we need to make your event amazing and unique. If we don’t have it, we build it. If we can’t build it, we have a network of amazing local artisans who can.

  • How long will my balloon installation last?

    If your installation is inside, it can last for weeks or even months! If your installation is outside, especially in hot summer weather or direct sun, it will generally last for several hours. We schedule outdoor installations close to the start time of your event.