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Meet our team

One of the primary reasons we’ve been successful and people come back to us over and over again is our great team! We place a high priority not only the skills and abilities of our team, but also building a team of people who are fun, trustworthy, and have great communication skills. Most of all, all our team loves to bring the happy! So when you work with our team or you see them out and about, say hello!

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  • Alexis Good Studio Manager Just Peachy

    Alexis Good

    Studio Manager

    Alexis not only keeps us in line, but she’s an amazing maker!

    Movie: Out of Africa

    Installation: Anything Rainbow

    Sign: Taurus

    Cartoon: She-Ra

  • Christen Byrd Lead Creative

    Christen Byrd

    Owner / Lead Creative

    Christen is the founder of Just Peachy and our creative guiding light.

    Movie: Sleepless in Seattle

    Installation: Nutcracker

    Sign: Capricorn

    Cartoon: Jem

  • Olan Reeves Lead Maker Just Peachy

    Olan Reeves

    Lead Maker

    Not just the jack of all trades, but the master of most of them.

    Movie: Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Installation: Party Post

    Sign: Cancer

    Cartoon: Ratatouille

  • Ryan Byrd Company Lead

    Ryan Byrd

    Owner / Company Lead

    Ryan’s responsible for keeping all our business in order.

    Movie: Nacho Libre

    Installation: Helium Bundles

    Sign: Virgo

    Cartoon: King of the Hill

  • Sarabeth is a valued team member at Just Peachy

    Sarabeth Jones

    Client Concierge

    Sarabeth loves people and you’ll love working with her!

    Movie: Raising Arizona

    Installation: Pools

    Sign: Gemini

    Cartoon: Animaniacs

Wanna work with our team?

Let us know your idea.
Let’s do this!

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